What is AND function

What is AND function

Ms Excel is an extremely powerful and useful data analytics software of Ms-office. AND functionality is manipulate  in multiple cells and all of the formulas tested value must be true before the function returns a TRUE value. If one of them condition will not be true, then the AND function returns a  FALSE  value.

The AND function allows the Excel user to evaluate or test multiple conditions. In the logical syntax of Excel , whether it be as part of an IF-THEN statement or a conditional formatting command, the AND function can become a powerful part of a logical statement.

The AND function needs at least two arguments or parameters to execute. Those arguments can be as simple or complex as you’d like or need them to be. They are separated in the AND function by a comma( , ) , just like all of the arguments in Excel functions are. It provides either a ‘true’ or ‘false’ result based on the arguments inside the AND function.

=AND (Test1,Test2)

 Example :


Result= TRUE , because both conditions are true. In the figure C4=200 & D4=600 , both value & arguments are greater then 100 so that the result is TRUE.

In the second case the result is FALSE because C5 is greater then 100 but D5 is not greater or equals to 100. One argument is false so AND function shows the FALSE. & the same logic in third case. 




What Does It Do?

This function tests two or more conditions to see if they are all true.
It can be used to test that a series of numbers meet certain conditions.
It can be used to test that a number or a date falls between an upper and lower limit.
Normally the AND() function would be used in conjunction with a function such as =IF().


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